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Miranda - Exotic Asian Babe

name Miranda
ethnicity Filipino
age 25
stats 34C-23-33, 5"2
starsign Libra
occupation I'm currently working as a nurse in a major teaching hospital. I've chosen nursing because I love working around people. I'm a very compassionate person and it is reflective of my practice. The rewards are insurmountable because you're dealing with people's lives. Every day I'm reminded of how precious life is.
hobbies With my schedule the way it is -- working 12 hour shifts, I seldom find time for myself. When I do have a moment to spare, I enjoy reading non-fiction books. Anything that could help me to learn more about myself I would find most appealing.

I recently found out about the joys of going to a spa. I love getting pampered, having full-body massages, facials, manicures, the whole bit. I've made it a point to go to a spa at least once a month.

I'm not athletically-inclined. Working out is not at the top of my list. Although, most would say, that sex as a hobby keeps you fit. I enjoy rollerblading as long as I have someone to go with.

turn ons It is important for me to have a strong physical attraction to a man. Sounds shallow, I know, but if it isn't there, then I can't get turned on. Second,I'm drawn to a man who could keep a conversation going. But, if a man is handsome with no brain then he becomes unattractive to me. Third, I like a man who isn't afraid to show emotion. I think it shows a sensitive side and is indicative of how a man would relate to others.

With girls....I like blondes but brunettes are okay, too! There is something about looking at a gorgeous blonde with a curvaceous body...makes my imagination run wild!

turn offs Body odour is probably my biggest turn off. The bottom line is you can't get close to someone if they smell. I also can't stand girls who are so insecure of themselves that they have to say something bad about you to make themselves feel better. That's happened to me a lot and that's why I have more male friends.
other likes food likes:
I love pasta with cream sauces, sushi, thai cuisine, chocolate covered strawberries (tastes best when it's fed to me), a glass of good red wine makes me lose my inhibitions.

I enjoy R&B, hip-hop, and mainstream dance music especially when I'm in a nightclub, this is the kind of music that gets me going. Surprisingly, if I'm alone, I like more mellow tunes to soothe me.

My favourite colour is pink.....could you guess why?

sex life My sex life at the moment is next to nothing if you could believe that. I'm not one to hop into bed with the first guy I meet. If I had a choice, I'd have sex at least once a day. I love being surprised first thing in the morning when I'm still asleep and the guy penetrates me with his hardness! OOH LA LA!

I like to be on top because then I could control how much I get or how fast or slow I want it. "doggy style" is pretty fabulous too, 'cause I get it really deep. But I'd have to say, it depends who I'm with at the time.

Swallowing?....let's just say I love a good mouthful.

I've only had one bi-sexual experience.....and yes, I'd be curious to try it again with the right girl. Being with a girl is so different than being with a guy. It's like girls already know what pleases them so I think things happen more naturally.

ambition To learn something new each day....carpe diem.....life is full of surprises. Challenging myself keeps things interesting.
email Available to members only, so I don't get spidered onto those nasty spam email lists.

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